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Originally Posted by RC-3556 View Post
Karen Traviss did amazing RC books, some of the best books ive ever read, in fact, the game had a weaker plot than her books.
I dare say that your standards for writing quality are sorely in need of development. And while the video game's story wasn't exactly deep or complex, it was still better than hers, consisting of a standard, basic story for an FPS, with all four of the main characters perfectly interesting and likable without all her shoehorned Mandalorian culture and rape of previously established canon.

Originally Posted by RC-3556 View Post
And what about Jusik or Etain huh? They were great jedi, and Traviss portrayed that. The Jedi Order then was a lot less agreeable for Jedi like Jusik and Etain than the New Jedi Order set up by Luke.
Etain and Jusik are portrayed as "great Jedi" by Traviss because she has both of them reject the Jedi ways in favor of "superior" Mandalorian training, methods, and "morals". Meanwhile, virtually every single other Jedi in the canon gets smugly lectured at or about on how amoral and hypocritical every single one of them are in contrast to the Mandalorians. And don't even get me started on the idiocy regarding Etain's fate in the Order 66 novel.

Also, unless you're fortunate enough to have not read her books in the Legacy of the Force series, then you should already know that Traviss and her Mandalorian mouthpiece characters despise the New Jedi Order as much as the old, for the same ludicrous manufactured reasons.

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