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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Snow White: Mass effect 2 version
Revan Sama

Set In Mass Effect universe: A really fractured fairy tale.

The piece is absurd, and fun. The author throwing his weight around to make the characters knuckle under. Shepard in a dress, A magic mirror with an attitude, an evil queen who is supposed to be his step sister, even putting up with Young and the Restless partial synopsis for a couple of paragraphs.

I only had time to read the first two chapters, but it was worth the time

Millennial: Chapter II

Second chapter of Millennial: The after dinner entertainment

The piece flowed along very well. The schools of magic are interesting and the explanation of the vortex with how and why it is the ultimate punishment intriguing.

Millennial: Chapter III

Third chapter of Millennial: The after dinner entertainment continues

As the piece continues, it becomes more a tale of foreboding than entertainment. Meeting a ghost should always be so simple.



KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: The crew has a…discussion

The piece is funny primarily because the author tweaked the stereotypes, then let them run with it. The ending interchange, where everyone thought someone else had invited Canderous into the party was choice.

A Necessary Crime

KOTOR on Taris: Just a usual night at Jayvar’s

The piece flows well, the interplay between Mission and the others in perfect character. The author filled out some background on who I assume is Canderous, and fleshed out Jayvar himself.

Skin Deep

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: Revan learns some of her own path before her redemption.

The piece is rambling and at time confusing. The story, and the scar that goes with it sear deep into the reader. Revan’s reaction to both fit well with the character.

Pick of the Week

Judgment Day
Prisoner 24601

Pre Mandalorian Wars: Sometimes, justice is not served enough

The piece is smooth like aged whiskey, and burns through the pain. Jolee wants to be punished for what he has done, and the Council will not give him that. It explains a lot about why Jolee ended up on Kashyyk, and why he has a deep distrust of the Order when we finally meet him.

Pick of the Week

Finding A Way

Originally reviewed May 5th 2006 That review is below

Follows the escape from Leviathan. Carth has to deal with his feelings for the woman he knows, and the hatred he has for Revan as well.

Jiara is no stranger to these pages, and I hope she always has something else for me to see. The irritation of the crew with Carth, the argument in the cargo hold between him and Revan, even Canderous’ laughter and HK’s sarcasm is choice. 31 readers gave it a thumbs up. Add mine.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Dinah Lance

KOTOR: A look into Mandalore’s mind

The piece is bland, merely a recounting. But the feeling is there, the determination not to falter. The end is perfect because the reason is all because he was asked.

Until the End

KOTOR on the Rakata home world: Abandoned by the newly risen Dark Lord, Carth tries to fight back

The piece is smooth and choice. The one change, Mission surviving, was worth the effort

The Force Titans: Advent of Power

Pre KOTOR:A new way to manipulate the Force

The piece is lackluster. The situation is intriguing, but the piece left me feeling unsatisfied.

The Seminar
Sera Terranova

4 Decades after TSL: An interesting twist on how the Jedi Code works and why.

The piece is bland, but filling. The idea that the Padawan get a chance to judge how well their own teachers are doing their jobs is refreshing.

I think in my mwo mind that this was probably a creation of the new order started after TSL. I cannot see Master Vrook being judged well by such a group, because of his angry stance against any transgression, and his narrow view of what is right and wrong.

But I can’t picture Mira marrying the jerk!

A Simple Life

TSL on Malachor V: Binding his wounds, Visas and Brianna speak of love, and who deserves it.

It is anatomy, not atonamy Remember conversation breaks. It can get confusing when there is no break to tell the reader that someone else has interjected. One minor note on anatomy, there are two bones in the lower leg.

The piece flows very well. The frantic movement of a team making sure their injured member is taken care of well done, and the reactions of both Visas and Brianna in the penultimate scene smooth.

Skills and Fools
Shadows Run

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: A brief tender moment

The game had few such scenes, and made me wonder sometimes how many were playing in the background. By the time the ship has the full party you can imagine all sorts of things happening in the background.

Shadows Run

Post KOTOR, enroute to Telos: The band of brothers relaxes

The piece is a nice slice of life that is amusing and calm in turn. The drinking contest was a lot of fun, along with the song parody that ended it.

Pick of the Week

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