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Cairn had begun to grow restless simply sitting in a tree. The darkspawn horde bellow him had grown strangely melodic in their speech patterns. The same grunts seemed to repeat themselves between the shorter and taller ones.

Great... I am beginning to learn their language.
The prospect of talking Darkspawn aside, Cairn was still fearing for his life. Twice now he suspected one of looking directly at him. Every so often he would hear their growls stop for a few seconds, and resume shortly thereafter.

While he was hearing the cacophony of Darkspawn symphonies, he began to hear something else through his knife-like ears. In the corner of his eye he spotted a large burly black bear. Foraging in the bushes, and for some reason at night when it was supposedly hibernating. The confusion came to mind, yet Cairn formulated a plan rather quickly. He stood up as best he could, and whistled toward the bear. The Darkspawn gazed around, looking for the source of the sound they just heard. But found themselves distracted by a bear rushing toward them.

Cairn jumped for the tree as he watched the Darkspawn go to attack the bear. He aimed to jump on a tree adjacent to him. However, as he attempted to do so he felt his hand slip on the branch. The air underneath the elf was unforgiving as he crashed down to the ground bellow him. He scrambled to his feet suddenly, noticing they were still distracted attacking the beast, and ran.

The adrenaline flowing through his veins eventually ran short, and the elf noticed he put quite a distance between himself and the camp. But as he looked on toward the camp, he saw something else. What looked like two, unrecognizable figures moving about. His distraction was short lived as he went back to fleeing the scene as quickly as possible.

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