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Rinku's Art Thread

I was contemplating if I should make my art thread in Kotor: CEC or here in RC: AWL. I have decided that I will post it here because I think it will (hopefully) bring more people to our beloved RC forums

All of the pieces will be uploaded through DeviantArt first, then I will post them in my album and update the post(s)

Here are some older works:

Griffin: Some of you may remember this from M@RS' forum site . Obviously this is photoshoped, using many different pictures I found on mourgefile.
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Fëanor - Spirit of fire: This was originally a sketch that I scanned. I then cleaned up the sketch, printed it out and used water color pencils to color it in. Then blended using water and when it dried I touched it up with fine tip, felt, ink pens.
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Leaves: The leaves in this piece are scans of actual leaves. The composition was originally a sketch meant for a painting. It evolved into this when I took a "Computer Graphics and New Media" last year in school.
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More current:

Grass: I was experimenting with our camera and liked how this came out. Used photoshop to enhance the photo a bit.
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Mandalorian WIP: Bassed on a pic of Jango I saw online.
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Clone trooper WIP: Ties together multiple clone aspects. At the moment the generic clone trooper is pretty much finished. Now I am going to add some custom stuff like coloring and items.
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Feel free to comment, critique, etc.


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