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The Frail? This darkspawn not only had the power of recognizable speech, but a recognizable name? Through the thick and sweltering haze that was the agonizing condition of her pummeled body, she heard him ask who she was. This was unusual--all other darkspawn hacked first and asked questions later. Her present foe, by contrast, seemed a--talkative?--sort.

Had she been uninjured and wanting to give a reply that would surely impress the listener, the female warrior would have answered, I am Perdante Mahault Avrait, Champion and Berserker of Orlais, mighty in battle and even mightier in spirit. However, in her present state, she decided against trying to make the darkspawn cower in awe of her title and accomplishments. After all, who had won their fateful duel: he or she? Thus, instead of launching into her usual, flowery Orlesian introduction speech, she simply said, "My name is Perdy." Finding the strength to raise herself into a sitting position from her valiant flat-on-her-back-on-the-ground stance, she continued, "I'm a warrior. I was sent by the King of this land to slay any darkspawn that I met, and that means you. As you can see, however, I am in no position to kill you, and so I won't." She gave a sudden grunt of pain, which was rather darkspawn-like.

Perdante shook her head. "May the Maker condemn what the King says, or wants me to do. In my own eyes, you've earned the right to live by your sheer fierceness alone!"
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