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((Well Zen slammed Pauel's head into a table before leaving the cantina))

Zen wanted to draw his blade at Mica's words but he knew that would be foolish. A drawn weapon demanded blood, it was part of Sangheili code of honor. He remained a bit more silent as he realized he had almost gotten himself shot for acting without thinking.

Things seemed to calm down as Arai spoke with Perdante. Zen felt that this little conflict could end with both parties being satisfied. Once Sal was mentioned things began to pick up. Zen found himself in awe at what Arai had done to Mica. He wasn't sure whether to be impressed with her abilities in the force or her words. Zen looked over at Arai at the mentioning of his height and nodded his head when Dominic introduced him.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Arai." Zen turned his head over to Mica who was still in shock at what happened. "You can go check on your brother if you wish, though I doubt he'll need help. I hit Pauel quite hard before I left to come out here." Zen turned his attention back to Dominic and Arai. "Do either of you still need to speak with Pauel?"
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