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Resurrecting 3CFD

I'm pretty sure I can reactivate 3CFD and have it follow T3 around Peragus for a while. I'm going to spare the player the trauma of the hapless droid getting blown up by having it go off on some quest or another which will result in it escaping on the Harbinger


on a smugglers' shuttle which is concealed on the asteroid surface.


It shows up on Telos and tells the player that the TSF found it adrift in space during their investigation.

If it escapes on the Harbinger, it will show up on Korriban and follows the player around for a while. It also shares some juicy tidbits about Scion!

If it escapes on the shuttle, it shows up on the Korriban Cliffs balcony, where the smugglers stranded it in their hasty attempt to escape the creatures in the tomb. This is still at least a month away.

I'm going to release my Peragus/Telos enhancement mod within the next week, so I can go ahead with the Telos scenario if there is not an overwhelming clamor for either of the Korriban options.


Let me know what you think.
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