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Just to expand a bit on the problem.
If you own a PS3 and have bought Brutal Legend anytime from December 2009 to now, there's a pretty big chance that you're screwed, and will never be able to finish the game. The fact that such a serious bug is not fixed for over 8 months already makes EA look bad (on the console market a publisher is responsible for a lot of final testing and publication of patches). But what really makes it a disgrace is the fact that the patch itself is pretty much ready. Double Fine (developer) has stated, quote:
"If you are experiencing a PS3 game stuck at loading screen issue or your stats have been wiped, these are known bugs. Unfortunately, the fixes that we have built for it have not been deployed for reasons beyond our control. While there are no workarounds, we do encourage people to contact Customer Support at Electronic Arts to voice their concerns or desires they can be reached at" ( )
The only thing that stops them from outright calling EA out is a reluctance to burn the bridges in the industry.
Why hasn't EA released a patch yet? Only their bigwigs know for certain, but people have speculated that they just don't want to spend another dime on a product that didn't do so well commercially (and a lot of blame for this lies on a bad advertising campaign by EA).

What we're asking for is not unrealistic or nave in any way. Companies are expected to provide quality support for their games and there are working industry pipelines already in place to do this quickly and efficiently. EA is already suffering from their decision, having to buy off dissatisfied customers with free games and coupons. I believe that if enough people show that they won't stand for such behavior, EA will be forced to change their position.

If you think that this is important, please show your support by signing the petition below.
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