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Berserker's Fury makes one powerful and dangerous. Some say an enraged berserker can cleave a grown man in half while he's still standing. But as Athra and Ser Jaymes knew, Berserker's Fury also makes one stupid, reckless, and predictable. With a little bit of calculation, she was able to pin Korol's leg with a single shot. The others continued to charge, but they were halted not by Athra's group, or the Blue Knights, but by Archers bearing the Thunder-and-Stone crest of Thunderkeep, after Athra had heard a regal sounding male voice shout, "Archers! Let fly!"

When the dust cleared, the Four were unconscious, but alive, and Athra approached the leader of the group from Thunderkeep.

"You have our thanks, and I'm sure sure Ser Jaymes will thank you as well when he realised what could have just happened." She told him. "We were glad to be of assistance. I am Ard Eagan Ivar of Thunderkeep. Who might you be?" Ard Eagan asked.

"Athra Talravin. I assume you're a friend of Ser Jaymes?" Athra inquired. "We were like brothers, growing up in Thunderkeep. We went our separate ways only because of duty. Come, there is much to be discussed, and it is as much for his ears as it is for yours, or your friends' ears."

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