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Dominic nodded stiffly. "Yes, we should." It felt wrong to be tossing Pauel up like this, but what choice did he have? By now, he was already in Republic custody - he wasn't exactly the strongest or most aerodynamic of men - and for all he knew, they already had backup on their way. He wasn't about to let Arai get captured for the sake of a loyalty he felt. No, the best move now was to find the Prophet, and ask him for guidance.

He turned to Zen and nodded to him, beginning to back towards the Sangheilii. He would be the one to let them leave before either of the other two. Once he ascertained that Zen was making no move against them, his eyes turned back to the Republic officer.

"Well, this has been a charming time, sir," he said, "But now, I'm afraid it's time for us to take our leave." And with that, he grabbed Arai's arm, turned tail, and ran.

Mica's nostrils flared, watching them run. He turned his cold eyes on Zen. "You," he said, pointing a finger, "I'm reporting you to the captain." He turned around to face Perdante. "And you! How far did your Code get the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars? Hm? Do you think Revan became so great and did so much by playing by the rules all the time?"

He turned to Zen. "There's a back up party joining us momentarily. I want you to go back upstairs and secure Pauel with Salvatore. And if you screw up this time," he growled, stepping closer, "It will be your honor on the line. Perdante, we're going after those two."

And without looking back at her, he pulled out a hold out blaster he had stashed in his boot and took off down the street. They had only a few minutes' head start...
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