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Perdante followed Mica, sprinting down the steaming-pavement streets of the commoners' section of Nar Shaddaa, which reeked of urine and litter. No matter. Jedi put such things out of their minds when it came to pursuing the enemy, or in this case, people who were believed to be the enemy. Her own opinion of Dominic was that he was indeed a member of the Found, but he was merely misguided, not evil as she knew that Mica would like to claim. As for Arai? Arai...That woman "stuck in her craw", and the Jedi knew it. Do you trust the Order with your life? Did they explain to you how the High Council tried to exile me? Ordinarily, those would have been questions over which she would have challenged the querent to a duel, and not a sparring match either. However, she had not wanted to kill or "rough up" Arai, merely to understand her and get more information on Pauel...

Understand? Understand WHAT? That you're chasing two people who are on Pauel's side at the moment, if only because they need the ostanovium? That you practically let them get away? Mica's right. The Jedi Code and its naive pacifism aren't doing any good for you right now. You didn't use your lightsabers, and thus that snobbish little neophyte of a Force user gained the advantage over you. You! You were once 'la Gagnante', and right now? You really are a loser. You're nothing but a shadow of your former self, your SITH self. Show a little spine for once!

Igniting her twin silver blades, Perdante sliced a waste receptacle clean in half as she rushed past it using the Force to bolster her speed. It was in her way.

Revan let nothing get in his way in his quest to save the galaxy...
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