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There they are! The Jedi Knight's pulse quickened as she spotted two figures, presumably Dom and Arai, up ahead. However, no matter how fast she tried to run, Perdante never seemed to close the distance between herself and them. It was like one of those diabolical paradox problems she'd encountered while taking Force Metaphysics as part of her Jedi training: You can never truly catch up with someone who is running ahead of you. First you have to get 1/32nd of the way there, then 1/8th, then 1/4th, then 1/2, and it never ends. At least, that was how she remembered it. In practice, that was absurd, as you could often outrun your opponents and catch up to them. That made the paradox absolutely absurd. However, the paradox was also true in a theoretical sense. This maddening thought plagued her mind as she continued pursuing the two.

Come on, Force, help me out here! My legs aren't the fastest, and my body's not the strongest, but I have to catch up to Arai and Dominic. If I don't, then I've lost my chance to find out more information about Pauel, the Found, and its Prophet, Khristoff. I don't care what I have to do in order to catch them--just let me do so! Indeed, the Force seemed to give her an extra burst of speed as she continued running and running, appearing to passersby as a flash of fleshy color and silver light. However, unbeknownst to the poor young woman, the figures she were chasing were Arai's projections. She was becoming more hopelessly lost by the moment, not even knowing it...
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