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Dominic offered only one half of a laugh, which sounded more like a cough than anything else. He could feel his chest tightening the more they ran...

"Don't remind me." he muttered, breathing through his mouth. After a moment, he glanced at her, and shook his head. "My ship might just fall apart under that. Let's just hope that Pauel had more cash on hand than I did."

The outlaws might have been running faster, but they had chosen the wrong person to run from. Had it been Sal, he might have been worried about losing them completely; as it was, Mica wasn't worried. He was always the fastest runner in their boot camp, and he had been constantly training to keep that title.

Perdante was faster, though, and she took off ahead of him, rounding a corner after to fleeing shapes. Mica reached the same intersection a moment later, and was about to follow after her...but he stopped when he saw a trash can knocked over. A can came clattering down, indicating that the trash hadn't settled into its new horizontal position...indicating that the trash had only just recently been knocked over. He narrowed his eyes. Perdante was too far gone to call her back now...

He would have to overtake them himself. Mica headed off in exactly the opposite direction of the Jedi.
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