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((JP with FFWM))

Arai sensed the change of tone in Dom, but she had no time to consider it yet. They made it to Pauel's ship and Arai used the Force to trigger the ramp open. She ran up the ramp, calling back to Dom, "Hurry! Soldier boy's on our heels."

Wordlessly, Dom charged up the ramp behind her and headed for the engine room. During their first trip together to Nar Shaddaa, he'd fumbled with the engine controls. Since then, he'd learned a little more about the controls themselves and was a little pleased to find that this ship wasn't terribly different from most of the others he'd worked with.

For all its dangers, bypassing the standard startup procedure was a simple process. Flip this switch, press that button, cross these wires with those wires, type in this little string of code. Once that was done, all systems would read false-positive, allowing whoever was at the controls to fly off without so much as consulting the computers for anything. Admittedly, it was dangerous. There weren't many people who could fly a ship that was only half functional. Thankfully, Arai was one of them.

"Ready!" he shouted.

Sluggishly, the ship lifted off the ground, its engines screaming in protest at being used before they'd fully warmed up. On the ground, Mica heard the noise, recognized it for what it was, and charged toward it, fishing a tracking device from his bag as he ran. If he couldn't catch the fugitives, at least he could keep track of where they were going.

The ship wobbled just a little and as Arai worked hard to steady it, Mica hurled the tracking device. He grinned in satisfaction as it stuck, half a second before the ship lurched skyward. Then his grin faded and he turned back in search of Perdante. Foolish girl, running off after phantoms...

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

In the cockpit of Pauel's ship, Arai fought with the controls, keeping the ship aloft while the computers finished their startup processes. Several long seconds later, the computers seemed to realize the ship was in flight and they began working with Arai; the flight path smoothed significantly and it wasn't long until they left Nar Shaddaa's atmosphere. She cut the engines and checked the navicomputer, only to find that it was still pulling up.

As she waited, Dom entered the cockpit and sat down beside her.

"Just waiting on the-" she began, but then the navicomputer beeped. "Never mind." She pulled up a list of coordinates the ship had previously flown to. Most of them were easily identifiable. One stood out as utterly unknown to her and she showed it to Dom.

"I think that's our heading," she said. She gave the navicomputer instructions to create a safe flight path to those coordinates from their current location and waited. Minutes later, the computer chimed that the course was laid in, and Arai sent the ship into hyperspace.

It was only then that she realized that Dom had barely spoken a word to her since they crawled out of the dumpster...

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