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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
It may very well be Maul's brother. It can't be Durge because Bane is "replacing" it on this series. (like, everything they were going to do with Durge, they're now going to do with Cad Bane.)
My second guess was that it was Savage Opress. Is LA just going to throw away a good character and just replace him with some mediocre one they thought of in probably just 5 minutes? People like Durge because his backstory has been elaborated on and people know what kind of stuff he's been through. If you notice you'd see that Cad Bane's backstory hasn't been shown in much detail, which is what makes a bland character. Durge is also more bad ass than Cad Bane and seeing what he did in the comics, that proves my point. Durge would probably be a better character to use because he's more well known. BTW I did know that they replaced Durge with Cad Bane, I was just hoping they'd give him an appearance too.
Also Durge's backstory was explained in a comic called Prototypes, in case you guys didn't know where I got that information from.
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