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Why do all the cool characters in Star Wars always have to die? Just because they're bad guys? The good guys always win in TCW. The Savage Opress character looks pretty cool, but I can bet that in Season III they will make it so he dies or fails his mission in some way, just like Boba Fett and how Grevious is failing repeatedly and probably Cad Bane is next. They create a good character and then disgrace them by making them fail their mission. Seriously, give me one example of when the bad guys have ACTUALLY won in TCW, not counting Hostage Crisis, they purposely made it so they won that time. I hate shows like TCW that are repetitive. Every episode it's the same thing: there's a problem, good guys fight the bad guys, problem solved, they same the day, repeat. They can't just depict the Republic as winning all the time, they were actually losing to the Separatists for most of the war. BTW what's the point of another Clone Wars show? Everyone already knows what happens in Episode III so there's no point in showing what happened up to then.

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