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Perdante continued chasing the figures, which were nothing more than Force illusions from Arai, which suddenly lost their footing...and dissolved into the bottomless chasm that was the central pit of Nar Shaddaa. The Jedi almost followed, before she realized she was teetering on the edge--and ledge--of eternity...Once she became cognizant of what had really happened, she swore.

"I--I can't believe I almost killed myself over Force projections!" She clenched her hands into fists, climbed down off of the ledge, and gnashed her teeth. How could I have been so stupid? I'm a Jedi Knight, and I'm supposed to be trained far better than this! Rage and hatred began to fill her heart. They got away, both of them, and unless Sal and Zen have captured Pauel, our mission is a hopeless failure. Where was Mica now? Where was she?!

Great. I'm completely lost on this Force-forsaken planet, and for WHAT?!
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