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((Is it just me, or has this RP crossed over into "epic" territory for the DTC?))

"Mica!" Perdante practically dashed toward the Republic officer. "Thank the Force! I was this close to hurling myself into the central pit, and all because of Force projections caused by that--woman!" She gnashed her teeth again. "I know she was only trying to throw me off of her trail and get herself and her hot little boy-toy off this wreck of a so-called planet, but did her projections have to go in there?!" She pointed at the yawning dark maw. "I was almost killed, and I would have been if I hadn't come to my senses in a fraction of a second!" She snorted disgustedly. "Back to Geeda's. I swear, if Sal and Zen don't have Pauel in their custody, I might seriously rough someone up."
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