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((I might have to agree Anyway, JP with Writer))

He snatched his hand back from her, standing up and glaring hard at her. "The only form of reinforcement that isn't poisonous!" His hands turned into fists as he marched out of the cockpit. "This is a weapon!"

Arai glared daggers at him. "What part of "all forms" isn't getting through to you, Travesty?" That was trouble. In their past, she had only ever called him by his last name alone once, and she had been so angry at the time that her Master had sprinted from several blocks away to intervene. "I swear, your head's gotten thicker in our years apart."

The sound of his name alone was enough to raise his hackles. "I don't see why I should be any different." he growled, whipping around to face her again. "You certainly haven't improved at all."

This time, there was no Master to intervene and Arai was far closer to the Dark Side than she'd ever been back then. Sparks flew across her fingertips as she growled, "I guess you're in for a real shock then..."

He squared off against her then, only a yard and a half of empty space between them. There wasn't much to be offered in the cramped confines of the cockpit.

"Don't you dare."

"Call it a test," Arai challenged. "If you stop me with your... weapon and are none the worse for wear, then we can entertain the unlikely chance that your illness has nothing to do with it."

And with that, she thrust her fist toward his chest, lightning crackling over its surface.

He caught her fist squarely in his right palm, the tattoo glowing faintly as it devoured the Force energy flowing between her fingers. His fingers closed tightly around her fist and twisted sharply to the right. Waiting a moment to allow the first wave of pain to cease, he shoved her backwards.

"Don't do this, Raia." he said, sliding backwards into a fighting stance and raising his fists. He hadn't actually expected her to attack him...

"What's wrong, Dom?" she asked, rekindling the sparks on her fist. "Beginning to question your initial certainty that it's not the ostanovium causing your little episodes?"

Seeing her like this cleared his anger and replaced it with worry; this was the Dark Side working in her, and he had promised to help relieve her of that plague. All he had done now was encourage it.

"I'm beginning to question the wisdom of this discussion. C'mon, Raia, this isn't you."

She laughed sharply. "If this is the only way to open your eyes, then this is me." Both fists lit up with sparks and she pushed both hands outward toward him.

The one downfall of his tattoo was that it was only in one hand.

He was forced to sidestep her second fist, pressing himself up against the wall and sucking his stomach in to avoid the sparks. But by sidestepping the blow, it meant she overstepped and her weight was unbalanced. That made it really easy for him to lock his arm around her other elbow and throw her against the wall.

Grabbing both of her wrists, he pinned her with arms stretched wide to the durasteel, getting right in her face. "God damn it, Blondie," he hissed, using his body as an extra assurance against her escape by pressing his chest close to hers. "Snap out of it! It's me!"

Gasping, Arai blinked rapidly several times. The cold, cruel light that had dominated her gaze during this entire exchange drained completely away, leaving only astonishment and fear.

"Force, Tink," she murmured. "What have I done?"

Proven herself right.

Now that he was certain she wasn't going to try to kill him anymore, Dominic released her and slowly stepped back. Without the adrenaline of the fight, whatever was poisoning him had free reign; he collapsed once more into the co-pilot's seat, his chest getting tight all over again. As he rolled up his sleeve, he could feel his throat beginning to close up - and suddenly, everything was happening much faster than it ever had before.

Without Dom's support, Arai sank to her knees, tears coming to her eyes. "What a pair," she murmured. "I can't keep a lid on my temper, and you're killing yourself being that lid."

She crawled over to him and took another kolto injection out of his pouch, pressing it to his neck. "Let's...not do that again..."

He lifted his hand to take hold of her wrist, and when his chest began to loosen again, he knocked the empty cylinder from her hand with his thumb and pressed her palm to his neck. "Agreed." he said, his voice still scratchy. "God, Raia, I'm sorry."

She let him guide her hand to his neck and clasped her other hand over his shoulder. "Me too, Dom," she said softly. "Me too."

- - - - - - - - - -

Mica removed one hand from his pocket as she spoke, silently beckoning her closer with a few movements of his fingers. When she was close enough, he put his hand gently on her shoulder and steered her back the way they came.

"She's an outlaw. There isn't much more that you can expect from someone like that." he said quietly, shaking his head. "But, at any rate, I have to say that that was fairly impressive. I just wish that you could have acted with such speed in the very beginning! If you had, they wouldn't have escaped!"

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