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Shadow followed Odan through the forrest, dodging trees and bushes whilst doing his best to keep up with the older mage who being an elve had a strange affinity with the area around them which allowed him to breeze through everything that seemed to tried to trip or stretch Shadow. "Hey! Wait up! Don't tell me you plan to take that thing on by yourself!" Not five minutes ago the old mage had claimed he had been betrayed by the Mage Collective; the remains of the Mage Circle that survived the massacre by the legendary Grey Warden. But even that news wasn't much compared to what the powerful mage had discovered. He believed the apostates he had recently killed hadn't not long ago performed an ancient and forbidden spell to summon a monster that had been trapped in the Fade thousands of years ago. The creature was known as the Darkmeld and was infamous for eating mages to absorb their power.

If Odan was correct then the Darkmeld was stalking these woods, and after millenniums asleep was very hungry. This creature even scared the Darkspawn who, according to Odan, Shadow was pretty sure he was wrong, were only in this forrest to hunt this thing and kill it. "I just don't get it," Shadow cried as he got closer to the older elf mage, "How can they summon the Darkmeld. Legend says all the scrolls that even spoke of how they trapped the beast were destroyed. No one even know the name those who performmed the trapment ceremony, let alone how to unleash the beast."

"A scroll seemed to survive and the apostates got a hold of it. But thankfully after spending so much time in the Fade, the beast's body should be weak, atleast for the moment. If we attack it he should be able to force it back into the fade," Odan explained, stopping to look around. "Atleast that's what the Darkspawn and scroll seem to believe. Now if I could just find it..."

"There are alot of if's and should's in that sentence. Doesn't exactly fill me with hope," Shadow pointed out before joining Odan in his visual search of the area. He couldn't believe he just actually joining the Mage in his little witch hunt for this creature of myth. After a few seconds something had caught Shadow's eye. "Hey, maybe she knows!" He suggested before pointing to a young human female who appeared to be sleeping against the side of a tree. The elf and his young human companion approached the sleeping woman. Slowly the elf poked the woman with the edge of his staff, which Shadow thought was a tad on the rude side however it seemed that Odan didn't particulary care.

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