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Originally Posted by RC-3556 View Post
Watching TCW is like reading the end of the book then reading the rest, you know whats going to happen, you are expecting it (anikin and Obi-wan do not die, something happens to ashoka which makes Anikin never speak of her again and the republic win the war).
Well considering this is a reboot directed at a new generation of star wars fans (IMO there are three generations OT, PT, TCW) the creators assume that they don't know that Anakin & Kenobi live and that Ahsoka is not a main character at the end of the CW. We don't know if she dies...she might become a Jedi at the end of the series and leave to go fight on another planet idk. Additionally they could have a main character die and then in a next reveal that someone has the same force resurrecting power that Cade Skywalker has, but that IMO would not be a good idea because I have never heard of anyone else being able to do that.

Originally Posted by RC-3556 View Post
Hang on that's exactly like the original trilogy.
Why the hate towards the OT? (I assume that it is what that was)...I don't know how the OT is like reading the end of a book and then reading the rest...The situation with TCW is more like the PT because it happens before the OT and was released after.

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