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Zen made no attempt to stop Dominic as he began to move towards him. Dominic had helped Perdante and himself escape back on Coruscant. The honorable thing to do would be for Zen to help Dominic and Arai escape. He allowed the two to run past him and was ready to stand in Mica's path if need be.

Zen found himself smiling as Dominic and Arai took off. He watched his former comrade for only a few seconds before he heard Mica's voice. Zen stared down at the human as he informed him that he would be telling the captain of his actions. He did not care what the human did, but he would not take further action to help Dominic. Then Mica told him his honor would be on the line if he screwed up again. Zen took a step forward and glared at the human.

"Save your threats for someone who fears them, human".

With that Perdante and Mica took off after Dominic and Arai.

Best of luck my brother Zen thought as he headed back to the cantina.

Zen entered back into the Cantina and through the door to where Pauel was. He was not as calm as he was when he first was here.

"My patience is thin Pauel. You will come with us...make any attempt to resist and you shall find yourself without any legs."
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