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Hey guys!
I lost my saved games too.
I passed the Milkman, skipped Gloria and passed Edgar.
I also made it halfway through Fred's Waterloo world game, to the point that we should enter the Castle.
If you could give me a savegame somewhere it would be extremely helpful.

I accept saved files saved after Milkman or Edgar (skipping actress)
Or even after the Brain-Tank level!
In fact, I would accept any saved game after Brain-Tank but before the-actress in the asylum.


EDIT: If anyone's replaying right now, or planning to replay in near future, could you save after each part of levels?Like the following list?
before Basic training,
the first stage of basic training,
the 2nd stage of basic training,
the last stage of basic training,
before finding sasha's lab,
in the beginning of brain tumbler experience,
shasha's mind,
... and so on
and backup your saved game each time you save? (changing the savegame06.sav to savegame7.sav in the backup folder, since psychonauts only allows you to save 5 times at a time)
This would be very useful for people from future.
I see there are saved game data for MI1, 2 ,3 and some other LucasArts games but I can't find one for Psychonauts ...

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