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Sal was just finishing putting the cuffs on Pauel when Zen arrived. He didn't look up until the second one had snapped into place, securing both wrists behind his back.

"I've checked him for weapons, and now that you're here, I'm sure we won't have any trouble with him running." He stood up. "We'll just have to worry about trouble from outside. What the hell happened out there??"

- - - - - - - - - - -

"You weren't really a Sith, were you?" Mica asked, a look of innocent surprise on his face. One would never guess that he had heard all of this before, so simply did the lie flow from his lips. Why give away his oblivious informant in Salvatore just yet? There was no telling how close he would get to the Jedi woman...and the closer he got, the closer that Mica became as well. "I never would have guessed...I know that it's a part of your life that you're probably not proud of, but if I may, what made you do it? Turn to the Dark Side, I mean." If she was so freely sharing other parts of her past...
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