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Pauel's face blanched as white as a sheet. "I'll come with you," he said, "but do not expect any mercy from the Prophet when we reach him! Master Khristoff will destroy both of you, as he does anyone who opposes the Truth and the Light. I am not the only Apostle he has at his disposal; the rest are stationed on the only Pure World in this entire galaxy! I have been sent here to preach, and preach I shall when both of you are dead and the Found has found victory!"


Perdante shrugged. "Why did I turn to the Dark Side? Pure and unadulterated necessity. I was plucked out of the stinking slums of Coruscant by a Sith soldier who saw I had strong potential in the Force, even as a seven-year-old child. I had no other choice except to run, which I didn't because I was so scared. The Sith made me strong--or so I thought, until I met my present trainer, Juhani. She showed me the great flaw in my logic: that such strength is not infallible."
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