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Anthony St. John....Allan had never heard of the name before. He was rather thoughtful as he walked toward the mansion he had been invited to. What surprised him the most about the letter was the fact that someone outside of his relatives was aware of his existence. He had no friends, no contacts, and lived a life of solitude - just how he liked it. This caused him to automatically be suspicious of the sender, and of the other guests he learned that were coming.

School and growing up was just hell for Allan. As a result, he became semi-estranged from his family, and only went out to buy essentials. At this point in life, Allan couldn't care less about people, though he did admit he wished he could have led a happy life.

Allan once again looked at the message he had received. Risk everything....Allan figured he had nothing to lose at this point in life, so he figured it couldn't be too awful; besides, he was sure he had gone through and dealt with much worse. Maybe he could end up being happy....but if risking everything was in the job description, he figured it could turn into another living nightmare.

Presently, Allan came upon the mansion. He didn't neccessarily find it creepy, but he could tell it was rather old. He then walked up to the masion's entrance, and knocked on the door.

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