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Originally Posted by e-varmint View Post
On Peragus, C3 will be a party member and occupy slot No. 7 (Mira), but only for T3's mandatory run as PC. Beyond that, I think he's going to be either a temporary puppet or a character that the player can interact with.
Sounds interesting, and sane...
Originally Posted by e-varmint View Post
If Nar Shaddaa wasn't so "sensitive", I would plug him in as a party member again in Vogga's warehouse. Unfortunately, I have found that the entire sequence of events from the meeting with Visquis through the boarding of Goto's yacht misfires badly if I mess around with the characters.
...yeah. Nar Shaddaa can only be played with in a few places without considerable headache in my experience.

Your spawn Vandar script made me think hologram. 3CFD has an unlockable holo of Vandar spewing some nonsense, might be fun to play with

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