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The woman who answered the door - the same woman who would always answer the door - hardly looked as though she should be a servant, though she was dressed as such. A classic black dress was accented with a bleached white apron and a matching headband, denoting her as little more than a house servant...despite the fact that that headband held back voluminous brown curls and her face was soft and young. This didn't look like a woman whose family was of the working class; either Anthony paid her well, or she had received the jackpot of the gene pool.

"Master Lee." she said, her hands folded in front of her as she bowed at the waist. "We've been expecting you. Welcome to Le Manoir Macabre."

With that, she stepped aside and swept her arm inward, still bent in a bow as she did so. Beyond the massive oak double doors lay a foyer built for a king. Its flooring was of Carrara white marble that seemed to spill out from the waterfall that was the main staircase. Above was a lighted chandelier, about three and a half feet in diameter, made of crystal, gold, and electric lights. With walls of dark-stained oak, the foyer seemed much older than it actually was...but perhaps most haunting about it was that it was completely and utterly empty. For a mansion of its size, one would expect it to be a hive of activity, but here, the main crossroads of the house, was ghostly still.

"Dinner will be served just beyond those doors." As she spoke, a man that was clearly a butler emerged from the indicated entrance in the right-hand wall. "Mr. Cauldwell will get you situated. Master Saint-John will meet you once the other guests have arrived."
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