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Zen looked over at Sal and thought about whether he should actually tell him or not. Seeing that Mica would tell the captain he would probably be more than likely to tell his own brother.

"What is that phrase you human's use?...Your captain is going to give me hell. I let Dominic and his friend escape. Not only is he my former comrade, but he helped me escape with Perdante back on Coruscant. It would be dishonorable if I did not do the same for him."

Zen now turned to Pauel and actually laughed at his words. If he wanted to he could squish Pauel's head within seconds.

"Much like your prophet you shall find no mercy from me either. When I'm done with you I shall have you on the floor begging for death," he said viciously to Pauel. Zen looked back to Sal. "Are we to wait for your brother or meet him and Perdante back on the ship?"
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