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Originally Posted by RC-3556 View Post
I dont hate the original trilogy, just saying that lucas arts were flogging a dying horse both times(in terms of the public, not hardcore fans). It resurrected it with the OT and its trying to keep it going with TCW, but animation isnt as good in real life, and theyre stretching TCW out over a short time period when lots of EU books were written, and weve already seen they messed up mandolore, what will they bump into and override the EU on next? I never said ashoka would die, just leave the picture and not be mentioned.
I understand that you never said that Ahsoka would die...I was saying that we don't know what will happen and giving two possibilities of how they might "kill off" a character.

Just to get things straight the OT is the original trilogy (ANH, ESB, ROTJ or Ep.4, Ep. 5, Ep. 6) so saying that LA resurrected SW with the OT is incorrect, it would be correct to say they resurrected SW with the PT.

Yes TCW is just a method for revenue. BUT, it is meant to be a reboot, which is why there was a little while between ROTS and TCW the movie (not enough IMO). Therefore it is not supposed to be meant for people like us, it is meant for people/kids who either have no idea what SW is, have just heard about SW (b/c it is part of our culture) through games, pop culture, etc.

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