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"Master Lee. We've been expecting you. Welcome to Le Manoir Macabre."

Allan looked at the maid. She was actually quite pretty, and didn't strike him at all like a servant. Allan then looked at the foyer, and his jaw fell open. The staircase being a waterfall, a marble floor, an extremely luxurious was almost too much. He then realized that this wide open space was unusually empty, though there was so much eye candy that Allan didn't neccessarily find it too creepy, though there was a scary aspect to it.

"Mr. Cauldwell will get you situated. Master Saint-John will meet you once the other guests have arrived."

Allan barely heard the maid and snapped his attention back to the butler, Cauldwell.

"Right, I'll be sure to make myself comfortable." Much to his surprise, Allan's voice sounded hoarse and gravelly. He quickly cleared it to fix the problem. When he next spoke to the butler, Allan's voice was still deep, but more normal sounding. I guess not talking for months on end can hurt you, Allan thought to himself, chagrined. He walked toward the butler.

"Well, Mr. Cauldwell, I believe it's time for me to get 'situated'. Tell me, what is your employer like?" Allan asked, genuinely curious.

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