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Just a few Shepards I have made during my short time with Mass Effect 2; can remember most of them pretty easily. Hope I'm not posting too much at once, bleh.

The first Shepard I made, Katherine. She was a tough-loving paragon:
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Katherine trying to help Miranda out with her problems:
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Paragon male Shepard, I think I named Maxwell or Oliver, something like that, trying to talk some sense into Grunt:
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Male Shepard with Jack; it was quite a tender scene:
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Fighting off the Swarm:
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throw in, but saddest day of my life (ending spoilers):
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My latest Renegade Female Shepard, with the extra gorgeous name of Agatha (with a stalking Jacob in the background ):
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Salzella, I love that last picture of Tali. She's still the one person I haven't romanced yet.
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