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To Mend and Defend
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Walking over the still-twitching droid on the floor, Garren entered the control room, and as soon as Carth and Atton followed, he magnetically sealed the door and as an additional measure, electrified it. He then checked the camera feeds from the main chamber. "Perfect. Those projectors will come in handy." He commented. Finally figuring out his plan, he pulled the data disc out of the control terminal, and replaced it with a tape containing all of the evidence he had gathered, along with the HoloNet footage of the report on the contaminated water. Then, to add one final touch, he spoke into the microphone, in an outright damning tone, "If she really cared about the people of Coruscant, or the people of the Galaxy, she wouldn't have allowed this, no, she wouldn't have done this." And with that, Plina Skelch's career, along with at the very least, her life as a free woman, were over.

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