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KotOR III: The Orior of the Provectus Sith

Post TSL: The Exile with his crew go in search of Revan, yet behind them the evil begins again.

The piece forebodes, but having Sion and Traya arguing after they are supposed to be dead needs an explanation.

Letting Go

Two years Post TSL: At her call two of Revan’s old crew make a slight detour.

The piece is good with plenty of concern shown for the situation. Carth dropping everything to go fit’s the character, and Bastila feeling out of her depth was a good touch. I wish this had gone further.

Pick of the Week

Like Father Like Son

Post KOTOR on Coruscant: A meeting between father and son

Like most such meetings, estranged family getting together, it is both gentle and biting. The idea that Dustil had intentionally avoided being found, then went off to Korriban on his own shows that like his father, he can focus of vengeance with the best of them. Being cut adrift, first by Selene’s death, then finding that the objects of his vengeance were already gone left an interesting choice for the boy.

Jail House Humor

KOTOR on Manaan: A frustrated crew awaits their day in court

The piece does skew things a bit. Having Revan skating on the edge of the Dark Side again, the force lightning surprised me as much as it did Carth. Everyone was well and truly in character, and it shown through.

The Confession

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: As he lays dying, Atton tells the Exile of his crimes

It looked for a while like Atton would take his bow and leave the stage, perhaps it was that part that made it so poignant. His death bed confession fit with the character we know so well, and the past that he had endured was crystal clear.

Helena L

Post KOTOR: Bastila deals with the trauma of her fall

The piece went well. None of us knows what really happened to Bastila, most times you see some character fall it’s the normal person one minute, then the Dark monster the next. Knowing as much as I do about torture without actually picking up an implement to carry it out, using such an inducement especially with a woman would fit with the Sith mentality.

Pick of the Week


A Different World

Pre KOTOR on Taris: She became a Sith because she was bored?

Lashowe is one of those characters you see and really can’t see them being anything but what they are. She is strident, aggressive, and about as cuddly as a bear you accidentally woke from hibernation. This delves into her past, and remembering all of what led her to the Korriban Academy, her answer was so choice.

Pick of the Week

The Watchmen of Deralia

Originally reviewed 12 May 06 That review is below:

Briane Moran (Revan) muses on her past.

A very well done vignette into the past Revan remembers. I had fun with her molding Gizka out of her synthesizer slush.

Reprise Pick of the Week


Pre KOTOR on Korriban: Dustil is given an extra nudge

The piece is excellent in that a psychological knife is buried in the young man then turned twice, once by the girl he loves, again by what we know will happen to her.

Selene’s characterization is perfect as another reviewer commented. There are several right, kind or nice things to say in a situation like this, but by the same token, they are excellent goads to drive someone the wrong way.

Pick of the Week

For Honor
Marin Dakari

Originally reviewed May 12th 2006, that review is below

The confrontation between Jagi and Canderous from KOTOR I.

As a reader I enjoyed it. As an author, this scene has always left me cold. Perhaps I just think there was a more light side way to end it. Look for it if I ever write a KOTOR II novel.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Source of Origin: Chapter I

Originally reviewed 26 May, 2006, that review is below;

The events aboard Endar Spire from a drunken Revan’s point of view.

The style is crisp and clean, the story well done, the combat scenes the flashing images you would expect from someone not tracking too well. This is siempre’s second review, and it is the best I have seen from the author so far.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Could You Really?

Originally reviewed 26 May 06: Review follows:

During the battle aboard Leviathan; What went through Carth’s mind?

This is JediDWH’s second appearance in these pages, and like the first, it is a well done work. The interplay within someone’s mind is easy to do. All you need to do is write down every thought and memory it invokes. JediDWH does it here with Carth trying to reconcile Revan with who he sees. When done well, it is outstanding reading.

Reprise Pick of the Week

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