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Okay, finished Series Two. Better than Series One (little to no Slitheen), but I'm starting to think they should re-title the series as "And Yet Another Dalek Invasion".

Too tired to give my usual stream-of-consciousness shallow analysis, so here are my favorite episodes of Series Two, in order:

1. The Girl In The Fireplace
2. The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
3. Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel (so incredibly cheesy it's good)
4. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
5. The Idiot's Lantern
6. School Reunion
7. Love and Monsters
8. Tooth and Claw
9. New Earth
10. The Christmas Invasion

I hope Matt Jones ("The Impossible Planet") writes episodes for Series 6. That was a really, really good episode, though maybe he should have been a bit more subtle with the Satan stuff.
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