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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
I'm what some would call an illiterate ****bird, with no idea of what a good writer is... but I am thoroughly enjoying the Fate of the Jedi series, Book one is a bit slow, but once you get an idea of what the "Crazy Jedi" stuff actually means, it's great
Yeah, I know what you're getting at with the first book. It was interesting, but the pacing wasn't too good. I'm already enjoying the second book a lot more.

Although, a few of the events of both LotF and FoJ had me saying WTF? (Daala as GA Chief took some getting used to) But for the most part, I can live with them. I just want to see how things progress from now to the Legacy comics (although I still need to catch up on all the TPBs since The Hidden Temple to be up to date with that series!)

Originally Posted by adamqd
I would suggest at least checking wookieepedia for a run down of the NJO-LOTF cast and happenings before getting too far into it though.
^ This is a very good suggestion if you're not familiar with the characters of setting of the NJO.

I knew most of the characters already, but needed to do some reading on what happened to them between the points i'd read (the Swarm War, for instance), but once I've got through this series I plan on catching up with those chapters properly.
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