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Originally Posted by Jai'galaar Bralor View Post
I hereby declare this thread to be the sovereign property of Beskar Enterprises™ and The Collective™.
All your posts are belong to us.©

Uh, no.

Originally Posted by Commander Dimal View Post
I hope that after Fate of the Jedi concludes that there won't be anymore giant book series's. Seriously, there's NJO, LOTF, and FOTJ, we don't need anymore long book series's that are like 9-25 books long, the story gets hard to follow if you miss a few and it gets old and boring after the first 5 books.
It's not that difficult to follow if you use Wookieepedia to catch up on what has happened to characters if you've missed a book or two.

No one is making you buy or read them anyway.

Originally Posted by Commander Dimal
Oh and I heard that Karen Traviss is now writing Halo books. She will be writing a series of books telling about the events that happen after Halo 3, maybe we'll even learn Master Chief's fate? The series starts with a book that's a sequel to the Halo book, Ghosts of Onyx.
Not entirely sure what this has to do with Commandos appearing in The Clone Wars, but as far as i'm concerned Haloids and GearHeads (she's writing Gears of War 3 too) are welcome to her.
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