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Wink Well then ...

Originally Posted by Inyri View Post
The Widow will replace the sniper rifle. The Revenant is a heavy assault rifle, not a sniper type of weapons.
Widow is cool the way you already released it ...

About replacement, I'd like to see in TSL the Revenant instead some of these, although I dunno how many utis will be affected by a single mdl/mdx overwrite (listed in order):

1. Combat Enforcer w_brifle_16 (model sucks)
2. Onderon Repeating Carbine w_brifle_26
3. Heavy Repeating Rifle w_brifle_22
4. Heavy Repeating Carbine w_brifle_17
5. Arkanian Blaster Rifle w_brifle_12
6. Repeating Blaster Carbine w_brifle_06

hope that helps

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