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((TM Tysyacha here. I'll restart this under 4 conditions:

1. Please, no one mention Plina Skelch EVER AGAIN. Her plotline is effectively over, and she was one of my more stupid RP caricatures. She was just my chance to take potshots at Sarah Palin, so no more about her. Creating her was my mistake. Agreed?

2. Please, someone haul Pauel aboard the Millennial, pronto, and beat the ever-loving crud out of him so he confesses what he knows about Khristoff. Agreed?

3. I'm going to ask a mod to change the title of this thread to "Counterplay", the 2nd part of the trilogy since I intended it to be the 2nd part. Agreed?

4. Please, bring back Visas and Juhani. I miss my trainer, and Mica's corrupting me! :P

If you agree, please PM me and I will restart it. Otherwise, it's "checkmated"!))

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