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Zen picked up Pauel and draped him over his shoulder. Zen wanted to hit the speaker with every fiber in his being but something held him back. Pauel had come without a fight showing he was a coward. If he were to torture Pauel it would bring him not honor but shame. He knew he had to focus on killing the Prophet of Truth, for it is he who caused all that happened on Coruscant. It is because of him that Adeline and so many others had to die that day.

"I shall place this scum in the brig where he belongs," Zen said to Sal as he left the cantina once more.

Zen wasted no time getting back to the Millennial. He was certain that he would have to deal with the captain once they left, but that wasn't his main concern. What mattered now was finding where the prophet was. Zen dropped Pauel in one of the cells and turned on the field to keep Paul in. Zen glared at Pauel one last time before leaving him to his fate.
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