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Originally Posted by asieflassy View Post
thank you but thats how i installed the game in the first place, and all my drivers are up to date but it still crashes. if i get the nvidia 9800 geforce gt will it work?
It will help, although you could spend a lot less and still have a gpu that would play the KotOR games just fine.

If you have extra money, and your PSU can handle the power draw of the 9800, and you have an available PCI-E slot, then go for it! It is not a guarantee to solve your problem, though.

If you did not follow each instruction to the letter in the thread I linked you to earlier, you will have problems in the Win7 environment. If you did follow everything properly then when you install your new GPU, all things should be good.

Remember, the advice in that thread is not a bag of suggestions, to pick and choose from as you need. It is a recipe - steps must be made in a certain order, and in only that order.

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