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Radio Drama: Missing scenes

I remember spending many a hour listening to the Star Wars radio drama. And one of the things I liked is some of the scenes that were never in the movies, and even not in any books

There were a lot in ANH before we pick up in the movie. Even they had the famous Skyhopper race betwean Luke and Fixer in Beggars canyon

other ANH Scenes:
  • Luke telling the story to C3PO about how he knew Ben Kenobi while they went looking for R2
  • C3pO and R2 evading Imperial search teams in Mos Eisely
  • Doing the bartering when Luke and Ben selling the Landspeeder, and Ben using a Jedi Mind trick to get the money needed to pay Han.
  • More of Luke's training on the M. Falcon
  • Expanded Torture Scene with Vader and Liea
  • Scene where the gang is in the hidden compartments and trying to count the Troopers coming in and out. My Favorite line: Chewie, get your toe out of my ear!
  • Expanded scene with Luke and Liea after they escape the Death Star and before the TIE fighters attack him
  • Luke getting his certification to fly the X-wings from Biggs at the Rebel Base
  • Luke and Liea trying to convince Han to stay and fight

For ESB there were not too many
  • A comical scene with C3PO and R2 and the Labor pool droid as to why everything in Lieas quarters was melting "She said it was cold, so we turned up the heat"
  • (My Favorite) Luke and Han talking in the survival Shelter.
    Luke: Han... what is that awful smell?
    Han: *laughs* You
  • When Luke goes into the Dark cave it is explained better as a quote from Luke in the Scene: "The face of my enemy is my own"

It was done in SotE, but the RotJ Radio drama they had a scene where luke was building a light saber with tools he found in Ben's hut.

I only listened to the RotJ radio drama a few times, but I listened to the ANH radio drama HUNDREDS of times as a kid. Really good in the 80s when we took a long trip to have that thing going

anyone else listened to the Radio Drama's?

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