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Mica put his hand confidentially on Perdante's shoulder. "You just leave that to me." he said.

When the two returned to the cantina, they found Sal waiting for them with the report that Zen had taken Pauel back upon the secondary transport sent to them as a secure transfer squad. From there, the three returned to their own transport and lifted off to return to the orbiting Republic frigate. Upon arrival, Captain Fara Starr was waiting for them.

"Welcome back, gentlemen." she said, nodding to the twins who exited the craft first. She turned then to Perdante, who trailed behind them. "And to you, Jedi. Zen has already returned with the target, and for that you have my thanks and congratulations. I have debriefed him, and it sounds as though you had some secondary trouble on the trip." Her eyes lingered now on Mica and Perdante. "I understand that there were other fugitives present when you found Pauel?"
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