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"I might be able to help with that. A healer from Thunderkeep was helping tend to the Kyng, and under my instructions, he searched Varhad's quarters for anything that might help us understand his illness. He found an unidentified substance around the cork on a half-finished cask of the Kyng's wine." Ard Eagan explained, with two of his men carrying the aforementioned cask of wine towards the group.

"It shouldn't be too difficult to identify. Ser Alten is an expert on poultices and poisons, including many no surfacer has even heard of." Ser Jaymes suggested. Athra got a bit nervous at the mention of Ser Alten. She liked him, despite his being moderately antisocial, but he was a Dark Elf, and she had doubts about how her mother might react. Sure, Ser Erina was an Elf and she had no problem with him, but she was also a Blue Knight, who prided themselves on tolerance and acceptance of others.

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