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Zen couldn't help but smirk as he walked with Perdante. She had once again showed him why he had chosen to fight along side of her. She was not only a noble fighter but brilliant as well. He looked over at Perdante and stopped walking.

"You have caught me Jedi Knight Perdante. Juhani did not even request to see you, I simply wanted a moment to speak with you."

Zen took a deep breath before continuing. He understood her desire to want to find the Prophet of Truth. She had no idea just how much he wanted that as well.

"Do you remember what you told me back on Coruscant? How everyone deserves a second chance? Your words inspired me to create the Reclaimers; a group for those who have been rejected or exiled but still wish to do the right thing."

He said what he meant about her words inspiring him. In fact he had been so blind by what had happened to his fellow Sangheili that he would have continued down the wrong path had it not been for her. He wanted to do the same thing for Perdante.

"You speak about Dominic and Arai as if they are scum. That because Dominic works for the Prophet of Truth he is a bad person. Did you forget it was he who allowed me to get you safely to the jedi back on Coruscant? Without him you and I would have been shot before we would have left the chamber. That is why I allowed him to escape back in the alley; to honor what he had done for me."

Zen hoped that the information would stick with Perdante. He knew where she was coming from. He used to hate the Jedi when he was with the Found. He learned that there were noble warriors out there like Juhani and Perdante. People who made him rethink how he saw the Jedi.

"You are a great warrior Perdante and I would be honored to follow you into any battle. I just want to make sure you follow the right path in your journey."
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