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Originally Posted by Pho3nix View Post
Tie you're the biggest Microsoft whore I've "encountered" so far : D
I pay so I can play Battlefield, and that's pretty much it. Compared to the joke that is the Wii online and the strange, stilted mess that is the PSN, I don't mind it that much. When the actual due date comes around, paying it is never fun, for sure. I had to deal with it myself back in Spring, around the same time my 360 RRoD'd (lol). It just confuses me how the same people who have been quietly paying the "$50" a year suddenly revolt at the increase.

While I did defend the increase with the inflation data, I already knew that it was pretty damn simple to avoid paying for the full $50 price tag, so that's why I brought up the cheap cards... savy shopping is all it is.
Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
*Ignores all XBL debate*

I feel compelled to agree. It's pretty filthy. Now, if I had the cash to spend $8-10 at the nicer local burger joints, I would... and I wish. : (

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