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She did not reply for a good long while--not because she had no idea of what to say, but because Perdante wanted to let Zen's words sink in deeply. What he had just said was not only rational, but compassionate and wise. Why had she failed to show such compassion, failed to remember Dominic as her savior instead of her mortal enemy? Sadly, she nodded and looked at her mentor.

"I--I don't know what's come over me as of late. Maybe I'm just tired, or feeling all the stress of the evening's activities starting to overwhelm me. You're right about Dominic being there during the assault on the Gathering Place. Why didn't I remember him? It was awfully dark, and I was just so angry..." She scowled. "Maybe that's the problem. I let my anger get the better of me, just as I let my passion get the better of me when I was trying to conduct that sparring match with Salvatore not too long ago. I'm not the Jedi I should be, and I know it. Yet you keep having such faith in me, and I...appreciate it. More than you know." She laid her hand on his arm.
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