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Mica frowned a bit, displeased with the results. He had been told the planet...but not the exact location - and he hadn't intended for Pauel to die. It only went to show the weakness of these Found characters; they didn't deserve to live any more than the Republic scum that he served.

He let the limp body fall to the ground then, and knelt beside him to take his pulse. Yes, that was it; he was dead. Placing his hand then on the body's torso, he closed his eyes and took care to reconstruct the broken innards: the collapsed lungs, the fractured ribs, the ruptured liver. Everything went back into its place except for one thing.

In his investigation of the body, Mica found something rather unexpected: a fairly small fracture - but a fracture nonetheless - in the late Apostle's skull...a fracture right between the eyes, as if he had been slammed forward into something rather hard. His thoughts immediately flashed to his brother. This seemed like the sort of thing done to stun an unwilling captive...but Sal wasn't nearly brutal enough to go to such extremes. The only one who had been with Pauel up until this was...


The Sangheili. The alien was still on his bad side, especially after he lured Perdante away. But no matter. He would simply have to try harder in the future - and besides, it was more fun without her here.

With delicate tendrils, the communications officer used the Force to enhance the fracture; the skull began to split with a few quiet but sickening cracks, leaving a spiderweb of broken bone right that began to release a slow seep of blood and brain fluid. He then turned his attentions to the other side of Pauel's brain, where he placed a slight pressure on the pituitary gland. Slight as it was, it was enough to damage it; and with that damage, his framing was complete. The body was still warm, which meant that all he'd done would still appear to be completed before Pauel's heart stopped beating. To the untrained eye, at least. If they were to put the body under extensive investigation...

But the Millenial wasn't really equipped with a morgue of such skill. It wasn't too often that a dead body turned up on the ship, what with the crew being in tip-top condition and their being in peacetime. So he had little to fear.

Standing up, Mica quickly went to the table, pulled his shirt and gloves back on to hide the blood stains on his hands and wrist, and dragged the table and chair back out of the way. He threw the doors open and went running to the guards.

"Get in contact with the medical wing! I need a crash cart up here stat!" he shouted, and one of them, blinking in surprise, went dashing away. The other ran with him back into the interrogation room, and he swore when he saw the preacher's eyes glazed over in death.

"What the hell happened in here?" he asked, turning immediately to Mica.

"Hell if I know!" he snapped back, looking insulted that he would even suspect he had done something out of line. "I had him cornered and ready to crack, and then he just...collapsed!"
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