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Originally Posted by Jayce76 View Post
Wonder what other little fun bit's will pop up in the next year too come?
If it's all as good as this? More please! This would actually add something to Return of the Jedi. Like the scene with Yoda's exile would do too.

Maybe there's some more footage of Vaders unmasking scene in TESB. I read somewhere the scene used to be more elaborate, with some kind of breathing machine hooked up to Vader as well. Which would make sense, since the dome is open in that would he breathe?
And I'm praying for some Yoda lightsaber instruction. Just Yoda flinging some rocks at Luke should be enough. Just to explain Luke's sudden increase in prowess in the movie finale. And too emphasize Yoda's 'Legendary Warrior' title, as Like called him.

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