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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Joan Bud

No specific Era given: It’s diamond cut diamond as two cheats at Pazaak square off…

Done in first person and well done at that, the piece has two people you know are cheating facing off. The +20 card is a cute trick, and how the main character explains how a cheat could get a fake card onto the table is masterfully done.

Unfortunately, I did not read this story in it’s original incarnation, primarily because I did miss stories written back in the first couple of years I was doing this gig.

I’m not going back, I have enough stories of my own written when I was 13 I can denigrate without looking in someone else’s past.

Welcome back.

Pick of the week

The frozen maiden and The Dark Lord.
Revan sama

Post KOTOR: An off the wall romance

Others have covered the things I would have commented on. It was the first I heard that the author is French, and like Tysyacha, I applaud anyone wiling to write in something that is not their own language. I am in my 50s and I would not even try, primarily because I would need books on the spelling of the language, the grammar, and the syntax. That is why Tysyacha assisted me so well when I need some Russian phrases for one of my Faerie books.


For Identity
Marin Dakari

Originally posted 9 June 06 Original review below

During KOTOR: After the confrontation with Jagi, Revan struggles again with her identity

The style is excellent, the subject matter near and dear to my heart. How do you
deal with discovering everything you remember is a lie?

Reprise Pick of the Week

10 New Beginings, Chapter 1
Darth Pernicious

Post KOTOR: Even a Jedi can be taunted into doing something.

The piece is amusing in that if they had both been ten year olds it would have turned out exactly the same. It seems some people never grow up.


Pre Mandalorian Wars: Jolee and his prisoner decide some skinny dipping is in order.

The interplay between two characters, one spoken of only in the past tense, and one we remember much later, is choice.


During KOTOR on Korriban: A litany of injury, and what it has made of Dustil.

The piece flows well, the litany of scars and how they came to be teaches, as any survived injury will, to avoid the circumstance the next time.

Friendly Competition
Dinah Lance

Originally reviewed 16 June, 2006. That review is below:

During the voyage to Kashyyyk, Ana (Revan) gets a chance at comparison shopping...

As one of the 67 thumbs up and 31 comments said; Boys will be boys. The scene is still in my mind as I write this, and I can only say this:

Great work!

Reprise Pick of the Week

Parting Shot
Tim Radley

Originally reviewed 23 June 2006. That review is below:

No specific time given. Possible after KOTOR II: Revan assigns missions as she struggles to deal with her treatment by Republic Intelligence.

The piece is dark, worrisome, and made me angry. Not at the author or the characters, but because of the treatment of the main character. We look at war in our time as something reprehensible, that is to be avoided, but sometimes necessary. The savagery of war is always something the other guys do. Here we have the Republic portrayed as bad as if not worse than the Sith.

The reason it pisses me off, is I know the ‘good guys’ are just as capable of all that barbaric treatment. This merely highlights it.

Excellent work. Keep it up.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Revan’s Pet Duck

Post KOTOR: Revan may be the Dark Lord again, but she still wants Carth

RPD has turned out some quality work, and this belongs amongst them. The torture interspersed with heavy necking is well done. I cannot see him breaking this readily, but it is well done.

Pick of the Week

End of the Sith

Post TSL: The two crews gather together to face the revived Sith threat

Remember conversation breaks, it disrupts the read to have to wonder who has just spoken.

The piece gets off to a slow start. The idea that Malak had a twin was interesting in it’s own way, and that like his brother he would try to lead the Sith obvious. I read five chapters into it before I had to stop.

Delta Squad: Forming Up
Dominus Princeps

Pre Clone Wars: The Delta team of commandos begins their training

The piece flows well, but is not long enough yet to get a good feel on how it will go. The running gag of 62 being unable to recognize 38 was getting a bit old.


Pre KOTOR: Two different views of the ubiquitous droid

The droids are like a current in the ocean, unnoticed until you actually meet on, and both views are equally valid. You can agree with both of the characters because they are incredibly irritating and incredibly useful at the same time.

The Children

Roughly 30 years Post KOTOR: The children of Revan and the Exile stand before the council

Your droid has a special program for clandestine meetings? That is what assignation means after all.

The piece is well done, the confrontation what you would expect when the children of two men exiled return. The situation is well delineated, and being member of Clan Ordo doesn’t hurt. I wish I had time to read it all…

Pick of the Week

Upstaged by Amateurs

Pre TSL: Beware the argumentative characters…

The piece struck me as incredibly funny. Every writer has nights when his characters won’t let him sleep because they don’t like the way they are portrayed; I once had an argument with three of the characters in my own Family of Choice because of a scene I had already blocked out that they changed to suit them. I was not surprised that the characters decided to take their complaints to the writers, I was just surprised by one of them threatening to delete a mass of her own programming as a counter threat.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
What we die for...
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